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Imperfectly Polished Podcast

Sep 9, 2021

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Dennis Gillan.  Dennis is the Executive Director at Half A Sorrow Foundation, as well as an advocate for mental health and a speaker. We will be discussing a very tough subject today, suicide.  But this topic needs to be addressed so that we can reach more people and help stop the cycle of pain that leads to suicide, and show people how important it is to take care of your mental health.

Dennis is not only an advocate, but he has also lived through the pain of losing family to suicide. By hearing his story and how determined he is to help those around him work through their issues and learn to handle life’s hard times without resorting to suicide, further justified to me how important mental health really is.  It was a very eye-opening conversation, and all I can say is that we are blessed to have someone like Dennis to help guide all of us on how to support our mental health, as well as the people around us.

Main topics we discuss:

Risk factors

Warning signs

Positive Coping Skills

Mental Health Awareness

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Links for suicide prevention:

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